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A series of fun, entertaining interactive, summer experience for your kids!

Our  Summer Pop Up Events , provides hands on entertainment for both adults and children age 4 and up. We specializes in art activities, cooking workshops, and body in motion classes for camps, senior homes, birthday parties or any type of gathering. Choosing us to entertain your guest is very simple just pick a project, supply the guests and we'll do the rest!

We have a plethora of activities to choose from . Floral arrangement classes, Dance class, cooking or art and craft . At a Kreativ Myndz Mobile Event, your guests will learn some awesome dance moves or create a take-home project with the help of a Kreativ Myndz instructor at a location of your choosing at-home, virtual or outdoor birthday party options available. Host a party knowing your guests are being inspired, creative and entertained . Activities are 1-2 hrs

Leave all the work to us and enjoy your event

  • Parties can be designed for both adults and children ages 3 and up

  • Minimum of 10 guests are required we can accommodate up to 30 guest

  • Starting at $360 for up to 10 guests and $30 for each additional guests

  • All Supplies and materials are included in cost

*Prices Varies depending on activity

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Camp Hours: 1 hour each day

Rubies : Monday-Thursday 11:00am - 12:00am

Sapphires : Monday-Thursday 12:30am - 1:30pm

(All Campers) Dance Party EVERY FRIDAY 12:30pm- 1:30pm

Camp Duration : Six Weeks (June 15th - July 24 th )

Camp Objective & Activities

Ages 4-10


Goal: Campers will participate in a series of activities to build physical fitness.
Objective: Campers will recognize the health benefits of physical activity.
Activities: Zumba, Martial Arts, Yoga, Dance, and Body Movements

School Kids Meditating


Goal: Campers will have the opportunity to channel their inner creativity.
Objective: Campers will recognize art as a form of self-expression.
Activities: Design a T-shirt, Decorate a Bag, Painting, Drawing & Coloring.

IMG_1464 2.jpg


Goal: Campers will have the opportunity to express their emotions through the art of writing.
Objective: Campers will recognize writing as a form of communication and self-expression.
Activities: Daily Journal Entry

Little Boy Drawing


Goal: Campers will participate in simple meal prep activities and learn tips to build healthy eating habits.
Objective: Campers will recognize healthy eating habits and gain life skills.
Activities: Experiments, Meal Prep Activities
Parents will provide Items for cooking class (All cooking classes will not involve fire or sharp objects)

Healthy Morning



Please complete the registration form and email to

Payments can be made online or via Zelle -

Registration Form


Camp Kreativ is tailored to kids ages 4-10 and offers a plethora of activities to keep your kids entertained. Our virtual camp is more than passive screen time. Our live hands-on activities will keep your kids engaged, teach them life skills, build confidence, and communication skills.
Campers will collaborate with camp counselors and peers. They will participate in fun activities through live classes.Our small group meetings will allow kids to connect with each other, ask questions, share projects, and experience personal interaction with camp counselors.
The camp will be organized into three different classes Monday-Thursday, with varying time slots based on age group.
Every Friday, all campers will meet for an exciting dance party to end the week!

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